Casey was the most amazing person to work with throughout my entire wedding process! Although she was my day of coordinator, she made herself available for any additional questions I had prior to my wedding day. She was a calm presence throughout the day of my wedding and ensured that everything was to my liking. She is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, professional, and provided a personalized experience. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coordinator for their wedding!

- Natalie + Jordy

"casey is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible and professional."

Casey did a phenomenal job coordinating my wedding. She was attentive, extremely organized, and easy to work with. If you’re a bride and hoping for a stress free wedding day, book with Serendipity!

- Brittany + Alex 

"Casey is amazing!"

We had a wonderful experience working with Serendipity! I was a bit of an anxious bride (which I didn't recognize at the time but easy to see now 6 months out =) - the team did a WONDERFUL job keeping me at ease. The coordination services were everything that I needed - I felt like I was essentially able to hand the wedding over to them as we got close to the date. I don't think I could have had a seamless wedding without them - THANK YOU!

- Alex & Derrick 

"Loved working together!"

I decided to work with Casey because I needed someone to assist with partial planning for my wedding. I knew once the wedding date was approaching I would need extra help and to have someone to talk through details! She really helped go through the last minute things you may not think of on your own. She helped create a day of timeline and sent the finalized timeline to all of my vendors. She was a big help designing out the layout for the cocktail and reception areas and on the wedding day setting up all of the candles and personal decor items we had. It wouldn’t have looked as amazing without her help! She helped keep the day on time and make sure there weren’t any issues and if there were I did not know about them. I would highly recommend working with Casey!

- Kelsey + Billy

"I would highly recommend working with Casey!"

I decided to hire Casey as my wedding coordinator very soon into my wedding plan process... I had a very intimate wedding of 15 guests, and I was initially on the fence about whether I really needed a coordinator or not. Nonetheless, I reached out to Casey (Serendipity Wedding Services) and we had a phone consultation, and I decided immediately after that I did need a wedding coordinator. From our first call, Casey was incredibly organized, professional, friendly, and supportive. Throughout the year of planning, she was very responsive and provided such great insight and answers to all of my thoughts, questions, and concerns.

On the rehearsal and the day of the wedding, she made sure that things went off without a hitch -- and, as a result, our wedding ended up everything we had dreamed of and more! From managing our vendors and lighting tons of little votive candles to single handedly moving our wine box ceremony table and helping my mom with the bustle on my dress, she was everything a little girl dreams of when watching a wedding planning movie! Both my mother and mother-in-law told me after the wedding day that they were so glad to have Casey there and that they wish they would've had her at their own weddings.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you need a wedding coordinator, please take this as your cue to book Casey -- I can promise you will not regret it!

- Aleyson + Lance 

"Absolutely above-and-beyond from day 1!"

I am so happy we hired Casey as our coordinator! She was so helpful and easy to work with!!

- Kalley + Nick 

"so helpful and easy to work with!"

Serendipity Wedding Services was everything I could’ve asked for in a planner and then some. Planning a wedding during a pandemic is no easy feat, but Casey was there every step of the way (for a year and a half)! From coming up with a detailed day-of schedule, to chatting with all of my other vendors and everything in-between, she went all out. When the governor’s regulations didn’t change, she helped me plan a wedding to follow the guidelines in two weeks time. She was there during my venue walk-through, rehearsal, and was at the venue earlier than was on her contract just to help set everything up. She made my wedding exactly what I dreamt of when I was a little girl. I could go on for days about my amazing experiences with Serendipity, but I’ll leave with saying if I could do it all over, I’d choose them as my planner again and again.

- Erin + Mitch

"The best planner with the biggest heart!"

I owe my perfect wedding to her and all her hard work. My family and friends all loved her. She is organized, calm under pressure, and has beautiful and elegant taste. If you need a wedding planner, she is your girl!

- Kristen + Brian

"I owe my perfect wedding to her."

The best coordinator in NOVA. You all need Casey to help make your wedding dreams come true. Handled everything professionally and with class. Made our day go super smooth we don’t know what we would have done without her!!!

- Ashley + JD

"The best coordinator in NOVA."

We hired Casey for partial wedding planning before the pandemic hit. She helped us find our dream wedding venue and even gave us the idea to use a pizza truck for catering services. Those things alone made Casey worth it, but she did so much more. When COVID forced us to postpone our wedding, Casey helped us contact our vendors, find a new date and navigate contracts. She is up for anything and just wants couples to be happy. Casey and I really worked as a team to get things done, which was nice if you like that kind of thing. If you’re looking for a cool as a cucumber wedding planner, she’s the one.

- Kelsey + Dan

"she’s the one."

Casey was very responsive from the beginning and was happy to take my calls the months leading up to the day. I hired her before the pandemic and she was flexible when the pandemic hit and I had to change all my plans. She was very organized and it put my mind at ease on the day, knowing she was in the background making sure everything was going according to plan.

- Jessica + Rishan

"made sure everything went according to plan"

Casey was absolutely amazing during the wedding planning process! Her services helped to keep the wedding process stress free, which is exactly what I needed during this time. She was very helpful with recommending and negotiating with vendors. She responded quickly to my emails and endless questions and was very organized/ detail oriented. On the day of the wedding it was a bit hectic but Casey remained calm and ensured that the day ran smoothly! I highly recommend her services!!!!

- Krysta + Martin

"casey was absolutely amazing."

We had Casey as a wedding planner for the month leading up to our wedding and truthfully, I have no idea what I would have done without her! She made everything super stress free, is extremely knowledgeable and she gets stuff done right away. When it came to the day of the wedding I had zero worries because I knew she had everything covered. The day ran smoothly and everything couldn't have been more perfect! Casey has one of the best personalities and I had a wonderful time working with her.

- Kylie + Mike

"i have no idea what i would have done without her!"

Casey at Serendipity was a joy to work with. I will be the first to admit that I was a bride that was very scattered and with trying to plan a wedding from across the country it was difficult for me to keep everything in order. Casey was so patient and easy to work with, as well as available when I needed her. She had great insight into what things would work for our wedding and wonderful opinions. I really appreciated her input and she was so kind throughout the entire experience. She was a magician the day of the wedding and made sure everything went off without a hitch. I kept calling her my wedding fairy, but she seriously was. I have no idea what I would have done without her. She made everything so much more painless and gave me the chance to actually enjoy my wedding without having to worry about every detail. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is getting married. She will be a lifesaver!! Thank you Casey!!

- Hilary + Sam

"casey is a lifesaver."

Casey was easily one of our best values for our wedding day. Not only was she a great help in planning the wedding and helping to keep us organized and calm but she was also instrumental in helping us to get everything moved and settled when our wedding had to be moved due to Covid 19 restrictions. Her assistance was a huge help in keeping things organized and reducing stress levels. Her vendor recommendations led us to great vendors too (all of whom also worked hard to help us move our wedding with as little stress as possible)!

- Jessica + Ben

"easily one of our best values for our wedding day."

Casey was absolutely amazing! She was very responsive, organized, helpful and fun. Casey was our day of coordinator and even though that’s all we booked her for she helped us with much more before the wedding. Never did I feel like I was just a client to her, I feel like I gained a friend. If you’re on the fence about it book her and you won’t regret it! Thanks for making our day special!

- Tiny + Eric

"book her, you won't regret it."

Casey is amazing! She stays on top of things and knows how to take worries off of the bride and groom. She did a phenomenal job with helping me in regards to timelines and keeping in contact with vendors. Things like that can be so stressful when you're not a planner and obviously planning a wedding can be beyond stressful! She was also great with keeping track of the wedding party and making sure everyone was where they needed to be at all times. She even helped with runaway flower girls! All in all our wedding day went off without a hitch and Casey played a major role in making that happen! Do not hesitate and call her today to make your wedding planning so much easier and more enjoyable. She will not disappoint!

- Amanda + Justin

"she did a phenomenal job."

Casey made sure our wedding day went perfectly!! She made sure all the little details were taken care of and helped guide us through the entire wedding process. We couldn't have done it without her! Her expertise and relationships with all the vendors are so imperative and we felt fully prepared on our day with her there. It was immensely helpful and I couldn't imagine going with any other wedding planning service. 10/10!!!

- Julia + Paulo


We used Casey for her month-of wedding planning package. About 60 days before our wedding, we met with Casey to go over general logistics and get to know her before our big day. Casey arrived to our meeting location early and was very professional. She had numerous electronic files and wedding templates that she was able to use and share with us to help us plan everything from vendor contact information to table seating arrangements. She was highly organized and had great working relationships with our other wedding vendors. On the day of our wedding, Casey did a great job of interacting with our other various vendors to make sure everything went off without a hitch. She was helpful in communicating various wedding day timeline events to other vendors and members of the wedding party and helped to ensure everything was cleaned up at the conclusion of our wedding reception. We would definitely recommend Casey to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner or coordinator.

- Julie + Andrew

"would definitely recommend casey to anyone."

Without Casey, the owner, our wedding would have been a WRECK! Casey was by my side every step of the way. She came to tastings, the rental warehouse, and all of my appointments to make sure that I was getting exactly what I dreamed of. Casey took notes for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. When our caterer failed to make a note of our final menu Casey was on the ball and had all of our requests at her finger tips. Not only is Casey an expert at her job, but she also has excellent connections in the wedding industry. She provided us recommendations for an excellent baker, DJ, Videographer, and florist which made it 10x easier for me. Casey is kind, smart, and extremely patient ( I changed my mind A LOT!). On our wedding day Casey took care of everything. Not once was I worried about something being wrong because I knew that she was on top of it all. Casey even went as far as following up with us after the wedding to make sure we received our security deposit back from the venue and to make sure we were 100% satisfied with how our wedding went. Our wedding exceeded my expectations all thanks to Casey. Casey we love you & can't wait to work with you again should any planning needs arise!

- Julia + Brad

"casey took care of everything."

Casey was amazing to work with! There are so many small details you don’t think about when wedding planning and Casey was there to answer all my random questions, and would always answer right away! Leading up to the wedding, Casey helped me reach out to all my vendors and made sure they had everything they needed. Since I don’t live in Virginia where our wedding was held, she worked with me and always made time to have last minute meetings when I was in town. In the few days leading up to the wedding there were a lot of last-minute emergency changes. We had to completely change the plan I had and she had great advice and helped me through it all. Even with all the changes, she perfectly captured my dream wedding and was the perfect mix of professional advice and “this is your wedding we can make it work”. The day of I seriously did not spend one second worrying about anything, the way it should be! I had 100% trust that she had everything in control. And if there were any emergencies…I had no idea. Wedding planning is a ton of work and Casey will definitely make your life 100 times easier.

- Lauren + Tommy

"she perfectly captured my dream wedding."

Casey was unbelievably accommodating considering I hired her as a day of coordinator. She went above and beyond and never made me feel like I was any less of a client because I did not use her full services. Everything was handled professionally and I loved that she was so quick to respond and help with things like contacting the vendors before the big day and helping to create a perfectly spaced day-of timeline. My husband and I are so grateful for all the effort that was put in to make our day flawless. Hiring Serendipity Wedding Services is something we would recommend to everyone. This was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We really couldn’t have done it without them. 

- Anslie + Tyler

"one of the best decisions we made for our wedding."

Casey was absolutely wonderful to work with and did an incredible job making our wedding go smoothly and beautifully. She was so down-to-earth and easy to talk through ideas with, always willing to take on any challenge we threw out there—as if it was no problem at all. The day before our wedding it had snowed and made the ground muddy..Casey was ready to grab a shovel from the maintenance man and make sure we would get the outdoor ceremony we always wanted (which we did!) She really is the “up for anything” wedding planner of your dreams. Most importantly, I felt like I had a friend there–just making sure everything was perfect for us–laughing with me when I needed a moment away from the chaos. I felt completely comfortable and at ease with this team and I am forever grateful for Serendipity!
Casey was exactly what we needed for the “day”! She promptly responded to emails, and made suggestions. Kept us on schedule, but was also unruffled when things weren’t exactly on time. She was great!

- Angela + Jarrod

"wedding planner of your dreams."

Our wedding wouldn’t have happened without Casey- simple as that.
Without a doubt, Casey got the MVP award for my daughter's Wedding! We started working with her about a year before the wedding, and she was put my daughter at ease as to what tasks needed to be done as we got closer. She was extremely attentive to the details that were important to both my daughter and my now son-in-law. Her recommendations for all of the vendors were outstanding! On the days leading up to the wedding, we met her at the venue numerous times. And, on the day of the wedding, she calmly steered us through the day with a smile! I would 100% recommend Serendipity to others for their wedding planning services! – Jackie (MOB) 

- Kathryn + Billy

"Our wedding wouldn’t have happened without Casey."

We had hired a “Day of” Coordinator recommended by an acquaintance, but found out less than a month before the big day that she had been in an accident and would be unable to assist us. She didn’t have a back up, so we were left trying to find someone last minute. My mom found Serendipity after doing a quick Google search for Coordinators in our area, and Casey responded to her email almost immediately saying she had availability on the wedding date. We spoke with her that evening in detail, in addition to two other coordinators who we had found online. It turned out that Casey lived nearby, and already knew the venue, as well as many of our other vendors. We were impressed by how knowledgeable she was, and we hired her on the spot. Having never planned a wedding before, we weren’t sure what to do or expect, but Casey guided us through each step, even supporting us through some family drama that popped up unexpectedly. She provided decor ideas, offered suggestions, and gave unbiased opinions when needed. If we had a question or were worried about something, she was right there to help. And to top it off she’s just the sweetest person you’d ever want to meet; easy going, friendly, and hardworking. Our wedding went off without a hitch, and Casey was a big reason it went so smoothly. We’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs a Day of Coordinator.

- Alexis + Thomas

"highly recommend."

Casey and her team did a great job providing day of coordination services for our wedding! She was such a pleasure to work with and helped make our day go smoothly. We had some challenges in the final weeks before the event, and Casey went out of her way to make sure things were taken care of appropriately. I would highly recommend her services to any couples looking for a day of coordinator!

- Sarah + Jason

"casey went out of her way."

Casey was calm, cool, and collected with everything a wedding day brings. She made the day stress free! Although she was our day of coordinator, she was responsive and helpful months ahead of time. We would absolutely recommend Casey and her team!

- Megan + Jason

"she made the day stress free."

Casey was extremely effective in making sure our wedding day ran smoothly. We hired her for just the day of our wedding, but she met with us in person roughly 7 months before the wedding to make sure we were timely in acquiring other services for the wedding. Anytime I had a question I would send her an email, and within a couple of hours, she had responded. My wedding day went so well due to Casey's efforts. I highly recommend Casey!

- Melissa + Kevin

"my wedding day went so well."

Excellent experience! Casey is wonderful and I couldn’t have done it without her help. Very seamless and smooth. She was great to work with and I am very happy with the outcome. My wedding day was a total success thanks to her. 

- Olivia + Jeff

"casey is wonderful."

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